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Kills Posted in Last Hour: 282
Corporation details - In Exile.
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Alliance: CEO: Quisnam Estis
Kills: 6113 HQ: Egghelende V - Moon 13 - University of Caille
Losses: 1788 Members: 34
Damage done (ISK): 284.6B Shares: 1000
Damage received (ISK): 67.05B Tax Rate: 11%
Efficiency: 80.93% Website: http://www.eve.in.exile.shivtr.com/
Amarr Miliita Baby!
Amarr Faction Warfare pvp corporation, for the empire by any means.
Public Channel: In Exile. Public
Recruitment -
Shalee Lianne
Diplomacy - Ryven Krennel / Shiva Makoto
Sticks and stones may break our bones, but chains and whips excite us!
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
November, 201500.0010.350.00%
September, 2015614.2240.1097.71%
July, 201500.0010.300.00%
June, 201500.0020.560.00%
May, 201510.0320.358.91%
April, 201520.0550.676.53%
March, 201500.0010.300.00%
February, 201530.0750.4613.07%
January, 2015150.52130.5747.95%
December, 2014853.64210.9778.89%
November, 201461244.0118913.7876.15%
October, 201455139.671798.7481.94%
September, 201461841.872358.1883.65%
August, 201464722.881965.4780.71%
July, 20141,23432.621946.8182.73%
June, 201470730.752155.8783.97%
May, 201492742.383408.6982.98%
April, 201465021.891854.8881.78%


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